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Penofin Formula for Pressure-Treated Wood


  • Disguises the green of pressure treated wood
  • Brazilian Rosewood oil that penetrates deeply to protect against moisture
  • 99% UV Protection
  • Transparent Metallic Oxides virtually eliminate fading due to sunlight
  • Pigments won't fade, turn chalky, or wash off
  • Three semi-transparent colors
  • Easy on the environment

Three Rich Transparent Pressure Treated Colors:

Rainier: golden honey tones bring out the rich smooth look of lighter woods.

Tahoe: rich cinnamon tones for that rich bold look.

Yosemite: warm dark brown tone that complements natural surroundings.

PENOFIN penetrating oil finishes are formulated to protect pressure treated wood, and to enhance the natural beauty of the wood which may be masked by the pressure treatment. Pressure treated wood, though desirable for its long-life, often has a greenish cast which makes its color undesirable. Penofin solves this problem by completely covering this "green cast." Penofin for Pressure Treated Wood brings a beauty to pressure treated wood previously not possible. As with all stains, check the color chart first to determine your preference.

Why should wood be pressure treated?

According to the Southern Pine Council: "Wood products used in contact with the ground or in high moisture locations are subject to attack by termites and microorganisms that promote decay. Under these conditions, wood will be destroyed within 4 to 7 years, in most cases.

Pressure treatment provides the protection needed to significantly prolong the life of wood products, assuring structural soundness and a long service life. In fact, an estimated 6.5 billion board feet of wood, or the equivalent of building 425,000 new homes, are conserved each year by using pressure-treated wood products."

For Spas, Decks, Fences, Siding, Log Homes, Outdoor Furniture, Gazebos

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